Crush of the Week: Hope is a Mistake

by Tess Adair

I love Tom Hardy. He was in Mad Max, which was amazing. He's always good and he's in good movies. And I love any guy who can pull off a beautiful black and white like that.


You know, I’m not normally into beards, but if anyone’s gonna pull one off, it’s this guy. As long as he makes it black and white and puts something adorable in it.

Yep, just like that. Mmm, I love a guy who can pander. If they objectify themselves, all I have to do is look. It’s wonderful. He’s so thoughtful.

Well, sir. Thank you for that. Pouting in a hot tub with your glorious tats and your glorious self. Consternation eyebrows and lightly parted lips. You’re teaching a master class.

Oh hello. I see you’ve got a tattoo there.


Tom Hardy 5.jpg

Did you just say to yourself, “I see my tattoo, and I raise myself a face scar?” That’s ingenious, sir. And you added a seated sexy-lean. Killing it.

Oh, did you think you needed to prove now that you can clean up good too? I didn’t need convincing, but I’ll take it. Ties are so easy to grab and lead around with.

We’re back to that? I’m on board. I like the mood of this one. And the shirtlessness. And your hair looks kinda wet and messy. I don’t know, I guess I’m into that.



You’re getting smug now. But you look sorta British in this one, and I’m into that. And you're hot. You have kind eyes and a soft mouth. You are lovely.

Tom Hardy 9.jpg

Doing the tie again? Old hat, Tom.

You’re right, I’m sorry. You’re always beautiful. And I’m sorta digging your look of outrage there, too. The little stretchy pose. Cute.

How dare you.