Crush of the Week: Hotness

by Tess Adair

godfrey gif 1.gif




I don’t have a clever title this week. I chose this one based on the sheer power of hotness.

His name is Godfrey Gao. I don’t know much else about him. I’ve never seen him in anything...except Buzzfeed lists of hot people. But man, he is great in those.


godfrey pic 1.jpg

Here he is, displaying his excellence at shirtlessness.



Here he is with a cat. He knows what I like.



Oh, he knows.



He’s really got the black-and-white thing down pat.



And he can do coy for sure.



No! Stop! I won’t do it!



I won’t see City of Bones! It is terrible fanfiction come to life and I cannot abide it!



Not even for beautiful Godfrey Gao. And his beautiful cat.



But that doesn’t mean I won’t still see him.



The internet is a magical place.