Crush of the Week: I’m on Fire

by Tess Adair



When I decided to start putting up a new blog post every week day, I immediately knew I wanted to do two things with it: start a few traditions designed to inject some light-heartedness into my writing, and give myself a break to make it easier to post so frequently.


So I figured every Friday, I would just post a picture of someone I have a crush on, and maybe also some kittens. And I would write a little about one or the other.


This week, in honor of his 66th birthday, my crush of the week is Bruce Springsteen.


He was pretty adorable here, looking all young and innocent (if not quite clean-shaven):


And he had some nice-looking arms going for him:

And you know what…he’s still a stone-cold fox:

I think he knows it, too:

I saw him in concert just a few years ago. It was one of the longest shows I’ve ever been to, and he was one of the most energetic performers I have ever seen. He still does the knee-slide. So hot.

Of course, anyone can be hot. Anyone can be a fresh-faced ingénue on the verge of superstardom. And anyone can keep it tight well into their 60s with an active lifestyle. But Bruce has a special place in my heart for another reason, too.


He wrote the sexiest song of all time. Sure, I have no authority whatsoever to say that, but I do believe it. Here, judge for yourself.


I'm on Fire.


That song takes me out of myself. And who could argue with that smile, anyway?


Anyway, happy birthday Bruce. Here—have some kittens!