Crush of the Week: Sweet Christmas

by Tess Adair

So...Luke Cage is hot.

Yes, sir. I mean you. Don’t act like you don’t know. Well, I mean, if you wanna play dumb, I don’t mind. You are definitely pretty enough to pull it off.

This is actually a picture of Mike Colter, the actor who plays Luke Cage in Jessica Jones. He is beautiful, and the character is incredibly sweet and adorable as well. Whenever he’s shocked or amazed, he exclaims “Sweet Christmas!”


Yeah, he’s like the king of cuteness. “Sweet Christmas.” Omg.

Yeah, see, all the hottest guys have at least one really good black-and-white. In this one, the subject does a really great job showcasing the sculptured majesty of his face.

Of course, he’s a fantastically muscular guy, with wide shoulders and an impressive frame. It would be so easy to write him off as a beefy lunkhead...except for his lovely warm eyes and shy smile, and the character’s quick wit and gentle soul. (I don't know much about the actor, but he does a great job in the role, so I like to think he'd be charming in person as well.)


Luke Cage is the kind of guy you can bring home to Mom...but more importantly, back to your place after that.

The entire point of this picture is arms. And what arms they are.


I gotta say, I have no idea how the internet is not more bathed in shirtless photos of Mike Colter. For shame, internet. For shame.

That’s more like it. Thank you, tumblr.

Oh, I gotta.

I think I just went non-verbal from all the adorableness.

Luke/Mike understands. He knows the burden of his hotness.

He also knows how to pose with a motorcycle. Yeah he does.


Hey, Luke, real quick, how do you feel about misogyny and racism and the structures of power and shit?

Yeah, that’s where I’m at, too. Man, hot and smart. You’re so great.

Wait, what is happening?

Ahhhh internet, I knew you would come through for me.

Yeahhhh, there it is.

Yeah, you’re cute as fuck and you’ve got your own bar. We get it.

My thoughts exactly.