Crush of the Week: Melodies and Cheekbones

by Tess Adair

Here’s Taye Diggs, looking like an angel. A gorgeous, gorgeous angel.

So fresh-faced and preppy cute. He’s all smiles and modestly sweatered biceps.

Yeah, he’s got the snappy dresser thing down. He’s like a college professor you could never learn anything from because you’d be too busy daydreaming about slipping off his glasses and loosening up that tie. His lectures about Walt Whitman and Transcendentalism would go in one ear and out the other. But you’d certainly look like you were paying attention.

God, he can pull off a bowtie too. That’s some good stuff.

Yeah, clearly he knows he’s pretty hot. (I mean, how could he not?) But damn if he doesn’t still look hot as hell with that little smug glint in his eye.


Actually, one of the first things I ever saw Taye Diggs in was Rent, where he was playing the bad guy. Personally, I found it almost impossible to dislike his character, due largely to his incredible hotness and his soothingly lovely singing voice. (Also, like, he was their landlord and his biggest offense was that he dared offer to forgive a year’s worth of unpaid rent in exchange for their help. So...he was the nicest landlord ever, basically.)


And yeah, that voice. That is a good voice.

See, you know a boy’s cute when he can share screen time with Angela Bassett, one of the sexiest human beings who ever lived, and still look good. There is an absurd amount of hot in that picture. Can we even come back from that?

Ok, sure. You could do that. I mean, rude, but whatever.

Wait, what? What is happening?

Oh that, that is happening. I am perfectly fine with that. Uh, is there more of that? Just a little bit? No? Oh, okay. No, it’s cool, that’s fine.

Oh hey. Yeah, that’s good, too. Loosen the tie, lose the sweater. Show a little arm tattoo. That is a mighty fine arm. Tattoo.

Whut. What are you doing to me right now. Cheekbones.



You smug bastard.