Crush of the Week: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a...Smoking Hottie

by Tess Adair

Hey Superman. How you doing.

Mm preppy and pretty. Sort of Greek-god-like with perfectly coiffed faux-messy hair. I know some (insecure) men hate to admit this, but there is something damn sexy about a man who takes the time to look good. (Or, heh, has a whole team at the ready to make him look good. But shhh don't ruin the fantasy.)

I believe those are called piercing blue eyes. Ugh, so pretty. Does he look photoshopped here? I don't even care because the effect is beautiful.

Heehee, he looks so dorky here. It's such a weird expression; he almost looks embarrassed. I love it.

Aww, now it's like he's trying to look all dignified. So cute. I mean, maybe it's just because they're so blue and perfectly shaped, but I really feel like his eyes are just begging to look into my soul.

This is clearly his audition to be the bad one in a boy band. You know, his edgy look.

So young and innocent. And egregiously brood-y. 

Here he is, contemplating his own beauty. And showing off an impressive piece of obsolete technology.

Mm, this is a good shirt picture. But you know what would be better? A no-shirt picture.

Oh good god. How did you escape the romance novel tho?

Oh hey, whatcha doing there? running?

Is it weird to say you look like you've got a body built for roleplaying? Whatever, I'll just be like a creepy older guy in a sad desolate bar somewhere. (Heh, and uh, you can be the young hot stud who takes an unexpected liking to me...)

Yeah, I thought maybe you'd like that. Gah, such cute dorkiness. That'll be all sir.

That'll be all.