Crush of the Week: Clean-Cut and Duplicitous

by Tess Adair

This is Sendhil Ramamurthy. Deceptively coy minx.



Not a guy who smiles in pictures a lot, but as you can see, when he does, it’s disarmingly adorable.



I mean, hey, you don’t need to smile. Smoldering seductively works too. Yeah, that definitely works.



Striking an action pose, are we? This one kinda reminds me of when he was on Heroes. I didn’t notice him much then--he didn’t have a power (or, as far as I can remember, much of a personality) so I didn’t pay attention to him.



But then he showed up on Covert Affairs. His character was slick, smart, flirtatious...and absolutely not to be trusted.



You can’t fool me with your classy glasses, sir. I know you’re trouble.



And you’ve got the classy black and white to prove it.



Yep, that’s the smile of danger incarnate. You can tell because of all the disarming charm.



Woah, what? What did you just do?



Don’t look so pleased with yourself. That was a dirty trick.



Oh, you’re just gonna stretch now? Fine, do it. Just stretch it out, whatever. Yeah, I that’s cool I guess. Stretching is fine.



Yeah, alright. I guess we’re cool.



Bring it on home.