Shadow Summoner is now available for pre-order!

Shadow Summoner, the first book in the Choronzon Chronicles series, is now available for pre-order!


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For a little more about Shadow Summoner, here's a quick summary:


Reformed Petty Criminal. Private Detective. Chosen One?

Private Detective H.C. Logan makes her living in the paranormal world, saving earthly clients from their own careless demon hobbies. Then one day, the arcane and powerful Choronzon Key summons her on a mission to save lives in a small town in Montana. Logan has no idea how the Key came into existence or why it chose her to do its work, but she can’t ignore the very real visions of people in peril it sends her.

Her latest vision was one she had never expected to see - the gruesome death of an innocent teenage girl at the hands of a demon. Now Logan is hot on the trail of a murderer - one whose weapon of choice was a beast from another realm. Logan goes undercover in Wolf Creek, Montana, to find out who wanted the victim dead.

While she narrows the field of suspects, the threat grows. If she cannot contain it in time, the beast will break free of its master...and devour everything in its path.